Doctor Discovery is a real scientist: Dr. Richard Elsley.  He has a Ph.D. degree in Physics from Cornell University.  He has 30 years of experience working as a research scientist.  He is an accomplished public speaker. He holds the rank of Advanced Toastmaster Gold in Toastmasters International.  He enjoys explaining scientific ideas in terms that anyone can understand.  He teaches interactively, asking the students lots of questions.  (This is often called Inquiry-Based Learning, or the Socratic Method)

Comments from educators

You were fabulous with the kids. They loved you. They REALLY hope you will come and visit them again.  I wish you could come more often because you really turn them on to science.
Laura Newman

I am so impressed with your presentations. You have a knack for making complex scientific ideas understandable and fun. Keep up the good work!
Carmela Torrisi

Dr. Discovery, aka, Richard K. Elsley, Ph.D, combines his years of high tech research and development with a “mile high twinkle in his eye” to “fire up” children’s interest in science. Kids love his cutting-edge content and his sterling delivery.
Dr. Linda M. Organ, Director of Education,
The Discovery Center for Science and Technology

Your science experiments were amazing. The lesson was informative but also fun. A perfect mixture to inspire the kids to want to learn more about science.
Karen Gross, Community Affairs, Time Warner Cable

Comments from students

The copper pipe experiment was really cool. Also, I now know that the two magnets that lifted up the desk came from my own computer at home! It was really funny when you put on the white scientist coat and messed up your hair. Thank you so much for showing me the really interesting things in science! I really enjoyed it!
Stephanie - 6th grade

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your schedule to come and see us in class. I never knew that magnets could be so strong, until you put them on Kaitlyn's hand! I also loved that trick you did with the paper clip and the magnet. It was really fun, thank you again.
Rosie - 6th grade

I did not know that with just a few items you could make millions of projects and ideas. I loved your white lab coat, and your plastic brain. I really enjoyed how you gave us tips on our projects, now I know what and what not to do for my project.
Kaitlyn - 6th grade



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