Our children are growing up in an increasingly technological and science-driven world.  Whether they are going to be scientists or ordinary citizens, we need to help them feel comfortable with, and capable of thinking about science and technology.

Future Scientists - The Role Model

Kids who are going to become scientists and engineers need to see role models.  Adults who are just like them and who still have fun doing science.  Adults with whom they can throw ideas back and forth and challenge each other.

Future Citizens - Science Isn't A Mystery; Its Just Careful Thinking

Tomorrow's citizens will need to make sensible judgments on public policy issues that have an increasing science and technology content.  They need to know that even though they don't understand all the science, they can still look at the available information and make sensible decisions.

Every good science lesson includes:

  • The WOW! - Something that delights the kids and excites their interest.
  • The thinking - An opportunity for them to think through what they think is happening, rather than simply being told.
  • The big idea - The scientific principle that explains what they are seeing.


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